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Legal representative: che chengju

Date of establishment: October 31, 2007

Address: Linzi District, Zibo City , Shandong Province Rubber Factory Road on the 1st

Zip Code: 255438

Phone: 0533-7544231

Fax: 0533-7547782


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Zibo Qi Xiang Tenda Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in methyl ethyl ketone , MTBE, isobutylene, tert-butanol, butadiene , butadiene rubber , butadiene rubber, rare earth and other fine chemical products research and development , production and marketing enterprises. Currently have design capacity 140,000 t / methyl ethyl ketone , 4.5 million tons / year MTBE, 2.6 million tons / year of isobutylene , 1.2 million tons / year tert-butanol, 150,000 tons / year butadiene, 50,000 tons / year of rare earth Shun butadiene rubber production capacity. The Company is the largest domestic production of methyl ethyl ketone enterprises, annual production capacity of 2,012 leading enterprises in the world . In methyl ethyl ketone scale production process and technology improvement , etc., are in a leading position , all the products to achieve full production and sales volumes . Our products are made ​​in the production of flexible organizational design, process route compact design, scientific and reasonable , in order to form a complete set of methyl ethyl ketone as the leading product carbon chain of four deep-processing products , to maximize the carbon byproduct of petroleum processing Fourth components into high value-added fine chemical products.

In 2002, the first set of 20,000 tons / year MEK localization means the company built and successfully implement unit standards ; 2004 and 2005 , the Company has built 20,000 tons / year MTBE plant and 60,000 tons / year butene separation device ; 2005 , Qi Xiang Group will be its own two tons / year tert- butanol plant and 4,000 tonnes / year of isobutylene unit invested in capital increase of the Company ; 2006 , the Company will tert- butanol plant isobutylene plant capacity expanded to 12,000 tons , respectively / year, 20,000 tons / year ; September 2008 , the Company's first self-financing the construction of this offering to raise capital investment projects -8 tons / year of project implementation MEK test drive run , and in October 2008 successfully achieved compliance unit ; October 2009 the Company MTBE plant production capacity to 4.5 million tons / year ; June 2012 adopted oxidative dehydrogenation of butene technology 100,000 tons / year butadiene equipment put into operation in March 2013 butadiene 50,000 tons / year expansion into production ; June 2013 50,000 tons / year of rare earth butadiene rubber car test run.

The Company MEK localization device project is " eight five" period, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, " ten Dragon " research projects , won the " China Petrochemical Science and Technology Progress Award ."

We always adhere to both quantity and quality , to establish the concept of winning by quality , production and management system continues to operate effectively , increasing brand awareness . The company has passed the ISO9001: 2000 ( Quality ) management system , HSE ( safety, environment and health ) management system , GB/T28001 ( Occupational Health and Safety ) management system certification. The company produces methyl ethyl ketone product quality living in the same industry-leading level , developed a strict ASTM standards and higher than the national industry standard enterprise standard , with internationally renowned company's product quality rather, in domestic and international markets and enjoy high reputation.