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The city in the first half of the scientific development site to observe the evaluation will attend the company to observe the c

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July 8 afternoon, the city's first half of the scientific development of the scene will be concerned about...

July 8 afternoon, the city's first half of the scientific development of the scene will be concerned about the evaluation of the staff to my company to observe the comments. Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director Wang Hao, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor Zhou Lianhua and other big city leaders, the city directly related departments, districts and counties, high-tech zones, Wenchang Lake tourism resort is mainly responsible comrades to participate. Party Secretary Song Zhenbo, deputy secretary of the district, the agent of the district of Bai Ping and the company chairman Cheng Cheng to participate in the comments. Participants listened to the report on the development of science in the whole area, and observed the production facilities of the new district and 450,000 tons / year of low-alkane dehydrogenation to olefins project, 8 cubic meters / hour coal gas project construction site. Participants carefully listened to the situation report, and a detailed understanding of project planning, construction, management, operation, etc., my company in accordance with the municipal government requirements, to grasp the new normal, to promote the development of new practices fully affirmed. The next step, the company will observe the evaluation as the driving force, in-depth implementation of the municipal government's decision-making arrangements, cohesion, solid work hard to speed up the pace of development, with better and greater achievements for the city's reform and development Make a new contribution to stability.

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