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Chemical plant "450,000 tons / year of low-carbon alkane dehydrogenation to olefins and comprehensive utilization" device succes

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After a reasonable and reasonable preparation before the maintenance and orderly maintenance arrangements...
After a reasonable and reasonable preparation before the maintenance and orderly maintenance arrangements, recently, the dehydrogenation device reaction system temperature to the ideal temperature, the reactor has also produced qualified products, marking the 2017 company in the spring of large repair chemical plant unit of the device The maintenance was completed successfully and the drive was completed successfully.
In the preparatory stage before the maintenance, the chemical plant actively with the inspection departments, the unit communication and coordination, summary maintenance projects, to determine the maintenance program; according to maintenance projects, reasonable optimization of parking emptying steps and processes, according to overhaul project itemized report overhaul materials , The maintenance plan, the network progress, the project leader, the safety of the project, the maintenance of the project, the maintenance of the project, Responsible person, HSE management, blind plate and other content publicity in the inspection kanban; the same time, the chemical plant organization of the staff and the external construction team for special safety education, project safety and one by one to take measures to take part of the maintenance Not empty the line hanging tag, pull the security rope for safety isolation, to ensure the overhaul of security, during the realization of a safe and no accident.
During the maintenance process, in the case of inadequate maintenance of the company, chemical plant employees take the initiative to take heavy burden, careful organization, day and night fighting, both to reduce the pressure of maintenance companies, but also to repair the company's elite capable of the main focus on the core reactor Maintenance and heat pump compressor repair, the maintenance time will be further reduced; in the process of driving, the chairman of the car every day will come to the scene to understand the situation, driving the leadership of the leadership of the team every day on the scene, overtime, strict and earnestly Driving standard procedures, all the staff with sweat and passion to ensure the successful completion of the maintenance work to achieve a successful car, but also for the chemical plant "450,000 tons / year of low-carbon dehydrogenation of olefins and comprehensive utilization of equipment" The next downtime maintenance and driving accumulated a wealth of experience.
The shutdown maintenance to achieve a "good, good, good," the maintenance objectives, so that chemical plant employees understand the understanding of the device has been a qualitative leap, practical operational capacity has been effectively improved, accumulated a lot of operational experience. "450,000 tons / year of low-carbon alkane dehydrogenation to olefins and comprehensive utilization of equipment," a total of more than 40 technical transformation, the production process has been further optimized, not only to enhance the profitability of chemical plant equipment, but also to "450,000 tons / year Low-alkane dehydrogenation to olefins and comprehensive utilization of equipment "is expected to become the company's new benefits of growth highlights.
The maintenance program to the highest standards of the country in line, the first use of Kanban management, maintenance tasks to accurate to hours as a unit, greatly improving the maintenance schedule and standards. The company to participate in maintenance of the auxiliary units and outsourcing units to make more stringent requirements to achieve on-site maintenance without waste, no smell, no debris, no chaos to build chaos; maintenance waste in a timely manner, designated stacking; maintenance spare parts according to specifications Release; site orderly, device driving methodical, access to material suppliers, technical service providers praise.
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